Global symbol for peace, the dove is immediately recognized and understood as safe harbor and a feeling of justice and right. They are facing in opposite directions to represent different approaches or points of view – eventually coming together in an understanding with the help of our company.


Used here to imply hand-made or crafted and unique (as the definition of Eirenepoios) to each situation and particular problem. They can also be seen as “one hand washes the other” – two parties coming together to try and come to an understanding. Also, abstractly applauding the success of the resolution achieved with the help of our company.


The use of red and black representing anger and calm. Taking those two colors to a more sophisticated and less primary spectrum, the red becomes richer and slightly darker as the black becomes a deep grey. The colors stand out as rich hues while still retaining a corporate sensibility.


Corodemus & Corodemus L.L.C. The final logo with its duality as both doves and hands, comes together to form a “V” made famous by Winston Churchill as VICTORY, here implying our successes as mediators and ADR professionals. That same “V” also echoes the famous symbol of our generation – the PEACE sign – our final goal and the reason for using the word Eirenepoios front and center in all our publicity materials.

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