Providing ADR Services Nationwide

ADR and related services is our sole business. Our attorneys maintain strict independence from any conflict of interest or partisan role. At Corodemus & Corodemus, L.L.C., our lawyers do not represent any party in litigation. We are committed and dedicated to creating peace through resolving civil disputes of serious nature and facilitating settlement of complex disputes.

Judge Marina Corodemus (Ret.) was the sole Mass Tort Judge for New Jersey for ten years and ruled in many landmark pharmaceutical, environmental, class actions and serious products liability cases during her tenure. We have carefully selected and invited only seasoned professionals into our firm, as this is the only way to maintain our philosophy and standards. Our law firm does not provide a telephone book of names for every civil area, nor do we associate ourselves with referral mediations in closely knitted similarly situated corporate firms.

Notable case: Judge Corodemus was the Court appointed Special Master in one of the largest State Environmental Cases in the County- The Dioxine Contamination of the Passaic River brought by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection on behalf of the State of New Jersey. In addition to the handful of international keys defendants, there were over 300 individual State, municipalities and private businesses named as 3rd parties up and down the 16 miles of the Passaic River and the Newark New Jersey Bay Complex. The case settled in mediation with Judge Corodemus for a record estimate with clean up in excess of 400 million dollars. Not one day was spent in trial.

Our Outlook on ADR and Mediation

There was a day when lawyers spoke with one another as professionals and resolved matters with a handshake. Not too long ago, you could sit down in a room with your adversary and discuss the facts openly without the glare of Court TV, a court reporter or having to pull out your blue or black suit.

Those days still exist at Corodemus & Corodemus, L.L.C., and our practice restores the values of civility and constructive negotiation in difficult civil litigation.

Neutral Alternative Dispute Resolution and Related Services

If you desire a resolution of your civil case and want conscientious, dedicated, creative and experienced legal professionals working to find a path to peace, contact our law office to discuss our services in any of the areas listed below.


We offer non-binding neutral mediation services for complex cases.


The professionals in our firm serve as arbitrators to reach binding decisions in an efficient manner for complex cases involving pharmaceuticals, environmental contamination and other mass tort or class actions.

Special Master

We act as court-appointed third-party neutrals to hear cases involving difficult or specialized issues. Even though our experience includes class action and mass tort work with hundreds of litigants in a case, we still apply a personal and hands-on approach in our work as a third-party neutral. Our special master work includes: fact finding and discovery, third-party neutral and settlement negotiation assistance.

Complex Litigation Management

At the court’s request or as part of a consent order, we assist in the expeditious advancement of a case to resolution. Due to her extensive experience with complex litigation management, Judge Corodemus is a frequent lecturer and CLE panel host on mass tort litigation issues.

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