Serving as Neutrals Nationwide

At Corodemus & Corodemus, L.L.C., we are no longer lawyers on retainer. We no longer represent litigants. We are true neutrals with extensive experience in class action, mass tort and complex case management within the pharmaceutical, consumer fraud, environmental law and other fields of law.

Beginning with the recognition of ADR in 1976 by the American Bar Association and continuing with several acts of Congress primarily in the 1990s, the role of third-party neutrals has grown significantly as a tool for peaceful resolution of complex or highly contentious cases. There are national ADR firms which act as a clearing house for retired judges from across the USA. It is possible to select a neutral for third party legal negotiation from a menu of selections and laundry list of experience.

We are not that type of third party neutral and special master law firm.

At Corodemus & Corodemus we take a personal approach. As a small group of ADR professionals and third-party neutrals, you will not be lost in the crowd, but will instead find the one-on-one advice and attention that is merited by your needs and the case at hand.

Special Allocation Masters

Judge Marina Corodemus (Ret.) was the sole Mass Tort Judge for New Jersey for ten years and ruled in many landmark pharmaceutical cases during her tenure. She is a Member of the American Law Institute, served as an adviser to that committee’s “Principles of the Law of Aggregate Litigation” which was published in 2010 and set the current ground rules for how a neutral special allocation master should work. Of recent note Judge Corodemus, along with the assistance of attorney Renee Henderson, has successfully served as a neutral Special Allocation Master in numerous mass tort cases including:

digestive care product

osteoarthritis medication

multiple sclerosis mri contrast dye medication

heart disease medication

denture adhesive

acne medication


“We put the neutral in neutral. It is why law firms, courts and opposing counsel select our firm. We offer both experience and personal attention as we help parties reach peaceful resolutions.” — Judge Marina Corodemus (Ret.)

Neutral Party in Alternative Dispute Resolution

Although we perform the same sort of service as a large nationwide ADR firm, we believe that our more personalized approach can achieve better results through a better fit of services and client needs. From early neutral evaluation to finding creative settlement solutions, you will find our attorneys at Corodemus & Corodemus to be not only experienced but also personable. We act as third party neutrals and special masters in the following scenarios:

Conflict of interest
We no longer litigate. If your firm offers ADR services but has a conflict of interest in a particular case, we can help.

Stalled negotiations
We have been able to find creative solutions that bring parties to the table for successful resolutions in an expedient manner.

Complex mass tort or class action
We believe that our experience has led to shortened litigation and negotiation in difficult cases.

Early neutral evaluation
Before the litigation process blinds each party to their own weaknesses, we assist in the evaluation of significant issues and in the process of discovery.

Nationwide ADR Services

To discuss your need for a neutral party, ADR expert, special master or assistance with complex litigation management, please call or contact our law office for a preliminary discussion.

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To discuss your need for a third-party neutral, ADR expert, special master or assistance with complex litigation management, please call or contact our law office for a preliminary discussion.

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