As a defense lawyer who frequently represents Fortune 100 to Fortune 500 clients in the defense of mass tort suits, class actions and multidistrict litigation throughout New Jersey, on many occasions I have recommended the appointment of Judge Corodemus to serve as mediator in multi-party cases that presented difficult and challenging issues. In every instance, my recommendation has proved to be spot on. Indeed, the professionalism, serious work ethic and commitment of Judge Corodemus have significantly contributed to the successful resolutions of the matters for which her services were needed.

What is it that Judge Corodemus brings to such cases that truly makes the difference? She is thoroughly prepared with a complete understanding of the legal and factual issues presented; she has a judicial demeanor and manner that inspire confidence in clients; she is masterful in assessing both sides of the controversy to carefully evaluate the parties’ respective positions, guiding each side to the appropriate level of compromise. She listens to the lawyers and their client representatives and brings her insights and experiences into the process which often assist parties to be receptive to new considerations and approaches. She is candid when candor is needed; she is tenacious and persistent when others may be ready to give up. She is bright, creative and determined to reach an outcome that is fair to both sides.

Timothy I. Duffy, Esq.


Since Judge Corodemus left the bench, I observed her impressive work as the Court Appointed Special Master in the In Re DePuy Hip Litigation MDL where she effectively worked with opt out plaintiffs to facilitate their participation in the global settlement or if appropriate, mediation of their claims. All of the cases she handled were successfully resolved. My firm has utilized the services of Corodemus & Corodemus to serve as the neutral performing allocations in private mass tort settlements including pelvic mesh cases and different hip implant private aggregate settlements. Her allocations were principled and Judge Corodemus effectively handled any appeals resulting in successful aggregate settlement programs. Judge Corodemus is empathetic to clients, but also understands the realities of mass tort litigation and is committed to achieving success in any case she mediates or allocates.

Ellen Relkin, Esq.

Weitz & Luxenberg, P.C. Certified Trial Lawyer

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