Corodemus & Corodemus provides exceptional and experienced ADR services, including arbitration, mediation, and Special Master appointments in both federal and state court matters.

We are TRUE neutrals, not associated with any firm or burdened with conflicting client loyalties. We have unparalleled judicial expertise, and almost 20 years of ADR experience having worked on some of the most complex individual, class action, and multidistrict litigations in both federal and state courts throughout  the country.

Judge Marina Corodemus (Ret.) is the Director of ADR Practice at Corodemus & Corodemus, L.L.C., a law firm founded by her father, James Corodemus, who has since retired. At our law firm, we believe that our services supplement and do not compete with or substitute for the judicial system. The reality is that litigation is lengthy in time and costly in dollars, resources and consequences for the “losing” party.

There are a finite number of judges available and only a few have experience in complex civil litigation. Even those who are experienced and available must also handle a general civil calendar with both motions and trials. This limits further the time available for any attempt at conducting meaningful settlement conferences. Judge Marina Corodemus (Ret.) was the sole Mass Tort Judge for New Jersey for ten years and ruled in many landmark pharmaceutical cases during her tenure.

New Jersey Special Master ∙ Nationwide Arbitration and Mediation

Quality lawyers and ADR professionals may assist all parties by providing an efficient, dedicated team analyzing, discussing and assisting with a specialized plan of alternative solutions. Neutrals resolving disputes not only serve their clients’ needs but also confer global benefits to the bench, bar and society by providing an alternative pathway of extinguishing claims in an equitable, efficient and economical manner. We, unlike other ADR groups, believe that each case merits an individualized solution.

Our Pledge to Our Clients

As ADR professionals and experts in neutral arbitration, we pledge our firm to be free of bias, prejudice, conflict or restrictions. We pledge to provide you with high-caliber certified civil trial attorneys and retired mass tort judges who know the law, understand financial values, practice sound case management and apply common sense. We will be honest, courteous and responsive to our clients’ needs.

Nationwide Neutral Services

To discuss your need for a third-party neutral, ADR expert, special master or assistance with complex litigation management, please call or contact our law office for a preliminary discussion.


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