Court Appointed Expert and Special Master

In many instances we can provide a significant benefit to all parties involved when we are invited as a neutral third party early in the process.

At Corodemus & Corodemus, L.L.C., we serve in the role of special discovery master in the pretrial discovery stages of complicated cases. We can look at a particular issue that has delayed or confused litigants in a particular case. Our experienced ADR professionals have encountered various issues from traditional privileged document issues, to financial disclosures to meta and embedded data of e-discovery. The appointment of a special discovery master may the right solution to allow a global resolution to commence.

Our professionals are often called upon the provide ADR services when discovery is complete. Litigation is underway or negotiations have broken down. In those scenarios, we act as a neutral rescue party.

Judge Marina Corodemus (Ret.) was the sole Mass Tort Judge for New Jersey for ten years and ruled in many landmark pharmaceutical cases during her tenure.

The Benefits of Neutral Discovery

Discovery can be lengthy, intrusive, expensive and frustrating. It is a legal process which can take years to conduct in a complicated case. At Corodemus & Corodemus, we may be able to shorten that time by providing neutral guidance during discovery. Our experience includes:

Financial disclosure discovery
working with data forensics and forensic accountants
witness discovery and depositions of key information sources
Document production
written and computer files
Written discovery
interrogatories and Requests for Admission
Case law
rulings which may apply to the case at hand

Discovery in Mass Tort and Class Action

One of the difficult portions of any mass tort or class action is discovery. This can be lengthy and can effectively stall a resolution for years. Our experience as lawyers, retired judiciary, special masters in mass tort and class action litigation can shorten this process. The main areas of law in which we have extensive experience include:

  • Consumer fraud
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare
  • Environmental law
  • Commercial
  • Construction
  • Automotive

Nationwide Discovery Services

To discuss your need for a third-party neutral, ADR expert, special master or assistance with complex litigation management, please call or contact our law office for a preliminary discussion with an attorney.