Settlement Negotiation Assistance

Pre-Litigation Settlement Negotiation Services Nationwide

Settlement negotiation is an alternative dispute resolution technique that allows our professionals to assist both parties early in the problem before litigation is initiated. Pre-litigation mediation may involve statute agreements, direct expert dialog or institutional memory reconstruction where time and complexity may cause limitless expense in traditional litigation.

This type of ADR can be most helpful in the environmental and/or class actions areas. Of course, any size case dispute must be examined to discover the best method of resolution. At Corodemus & Corodemus, L.L.C., we will help explore which approach and techniques will be best for your case. This technique works well when combined with fact-finding services and/or special discovery master and/or mediation.

We may propose structures and strategies for settlement negotiations on the merits and on any subsidiary issues. We may also evaluate class action and individual claims as needed.

“If one or both parties want to settle, we will find a way to get that done. Our help can be strategic or evaluative, as needed.” — Judge Marina Corodemus (Ret.)

Case Evaluation and Strategy

While we are not advocates during litigation, we will evaluate a case and offer strategic advice on how a case or an approach may be modified for reaching a settlement. We will also advise clients on what to demand, what to counter demand and when to accept a particular offer.

Nevertheless, our role remains that of a neutral.

We pledge our firm and our lawyers to be free of bias, prejudice, conflict or restrictions. We pledge to provide you with high-caliber, certified civil trial attorneys and retired mass tort judges who know the law, have knowledge of monetary values, are experienced in case management and have common sense. We will be honest, courteous and responsive to our clients’ needs.

Nationwide Neutral Services

To discuss your need for a third-party neutral, ADR expert, special master or assistance with complex litigation management, please call or contact our law office for a preliminary discussion.